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Filter Separators

The filter separator is a two stage separator, which will be a horizontal unit.
The first stage housing has multiple replaceable cartridges, and the second stage will be a vane mist eliminator pack designed for removal of 99.9% by weight of all entrained liquid particles of 0.3, 0.5 , 1 , 3 or 5 microns and larger, depends on what types of filter that the client is requested.

The liquid sump is divided into two sections to preclude any bypassing of gas from the first to the second stage.
Whenever solids contamination has caused and increased the differential pressure across the tube sheet, the “Differential-Pressure-Gauge” (DPG) sensor send a signal to control room or by showing on DPG’s screen, that the filter cartridges are contaminated and should be changed.

Access to the replaceable first stage cartridges will be via a “Quick-Opening-Closure” (QOC), complete with an audible safety relief to prevent opening whilst still under pressure.

How the filter Separator works:

As the gas stream enters the first stage of the filter separator, heavier liquids will fall out due to loss in velocity and gravitational effects and then drain out. Aerosol mist and larger liquid particles, without enough mass to be pushed through by the gas flow, become trapped in the media of the coalescing cartridges.

As additional liquid particles enter the media, they coalesce until they are large enough to be pushed through. These liquid droplets are then removed from the gas stream in the second stage by the separator internal. Solid particulate matter is captured in the filter cartridges and removed when the disposable cartridges are changed out. Gas exiting the filter separator is 99.9% free of liquid and solid particles.

Filter cartridges are available in ratings including 0.3, 0.5, 1, 3, and 5 micron.

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